Hard-pressed for Harmony

A recent ISD investigation into comments from a local pastor (report here) might be seen as yet another “I told you so” episode to remind us of the importance of religious and racial harmony in Singapore.

“The media is a powerful tool used for various reasons (e.g. propaganda) that cannot be underestimated easily. Utilization and accessibility are almost effortless. This is incident serves as a prevalent reminder for us not to be impulsive or hasty, and to consider the repercussion of one’s actions…” (Comments from Daphne, 1T08 2010)

However, what is more interesting to consider is whether this controversy might have arisen if his sermon was not posted online.

Sometimes what you say might not be as nearly as important as where you say it.

What do you think? If someone taped all your comments on school and posted them on some forum, what might the repercussions or implications be?

2 thoughts on “Hard-pressed for Harmony

  1. I think it’s more of who says it as well.

    And i’d probably get assassinated if someone taped all my comments on school and posted them on some forum.

  2. I think that where you say your opinions are actually more important as there may be people who disagree and have other perspectives. In this case, if the sermon was not posted online, the controversy may not have arisen as those who went were mostly followers or believers in Christianity. What he said would also serve to enhance their zeal in God. However, once it was posted on the internet, anyone could have access to it. With Singapore being a secular state and treating all religions equally, people of other religions like buddhism would be unhappy if one disrespects their religion and beliefs, resulting in the controversy. Therefore, where one says something is actually more important and it also depends on who is actually listening.
    If someone tapes all my comments on school and posted them on some forum, it actually depends on who sees the comments and what their stand is. Controversy would arise if my comments go against other’s values or opinions and when more people happen to reply to the thread. This actually depends on what I said about the school. If it is a negative comment and compromises the school’s reputation, it could actually result in the Principal having to step in since it is a breach of the school rule. However, if it is a positive comment that is true, there would surely be a few people who would disagree.

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