Is there face for Facebook in the working world?

According to this news report, a woman was apparently given the sack over because she was caught accessing Facebook at home when she was supposedly on sick leave due to migraine.

Some thoughts from Shareef 1T29 who shared this article:

People should be more responsible and should know when and where to do things.  Also when using social networking sites, one should know who they are adding as friends as some people might be impostors.

Social networking sites have presented both a plethora of opportunities and threats to the average net user. New media both empowers and yet also leaves us vulnerable in certain ways.  However, some additional questions that arise from this episode are whether it is ethical for companies to spy on workers in this manner.  Also, should Facebook be disallowed in companies?  Does it really affect productivity or are companies just being overly paranoiac? What do you think?


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