Happiness is genetic?

The video above and articles such as this Guardian (2004) and WebMD (2008) report seem to suggest that one’s mood is dependent on one’s genetic makeup to some extent.  The opening line of the article from the Guardian states how “some people are more prone than others to debilitating psychiatric disorders” simply because of variation in their brain serotonin levels.

A response from Natural News criticized such headlines as lazy journalism that thrives conveniently on sensationalism rather than the rigorous and objective pursuit of the truth.  Cheryl from 1T31 writes:

Media disinformation is widespread in the mass media. This is due to journalist only being interested in creating an impact on the public rather than publishing the truth…

[Such article publications] could lead to adverse consequences…people would stop making healthy choices…or blame their parents for giving them ‘bad’ genes.

What other forms of media disinformation can you think of and what were the implications or consequences?

Why does media disinformation occur then? What are the driving forces? How can we protect ourselves?


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