Dumbest Generation?

According to Mark Bauerline, our generation’s increasing exposure to and our unfettered consumption of the internet has somewhat crippled by our ability to seek, evaluate, organize and present information and ideas.  Are we becoming the dumbest generation? Has the exponential increase in choices led to a slow decline in education?

To what extent do you agree or disagree with his views and why?
Do you think the ‘debate’ process from the video was a fair one?


One thought on “Dumbest Generation?

  1. I agree to his views only partially, as i do not completely agree that our generation does not hav those skills. I am sure that most of our generation would agree that, even with the internet, we are not as dumb as they think we are. Even though the internet have search engines such as google, we are still able to seek information from books or toher sources. An example is the implementation of Project Work (PW) in our tertiary education. This subject teaches us how to gather information efficienctly and organize an entire plan of aciton for an idea that we have thought out. Thus. we are readily equiped with such skills and are not as “DUMB” as they think we are. I do not think that the debate was a fair one, as they did not include the views of our present generation. This debate’s views hav only included what the earlier generation thinks of. Even though they might hav studies regarding this “exponential” problem, however, this is not enough to prove that our younger generation is “DUMB”. Im my opinion, if we were to be as dumb as they say, then the earlier generation would be as dumb or “more dumb” since they were the one who taught us.

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