Death Penalty Cathartic?

According to this CNA report, a recent rape and murder case in South Korea has reignited debate over capital punishment, with most South Koreans actually calling for it given the severity of the crime. A survey actually reflected that 80 per cent of the South Koreans support the death penalty for this case. One person’s view was particularly profound and quote-worthy:

“When we talk about human rights, it means to give the human his or her rights. But if a person gives up the right to be human, then the human is capable of any bad behaviour. Then that person is no longer human. And so it is fair to carry out the death penalty or life sentence.”

No longer can we see supporters of the death penalty today as archaic and cruel neo-feudal thinkers with little regard for human life.

“The death penalty actually upholds human rights.”  Discuss.


2 thoughts on “Death Penalty Cathartic?

  1. I disagree.
    Instead, i feel that death penalty violates human rights.
    firstly, it rips them of their rights to repent for their mistakes even if they have realised they are wrong after they committed the crime.Furthermore,they might have a reason for their wrong doings or they might be blackmailed to commit this, without examining the reason for their action and giving them a death sentence can cause numerous repentant criminals to be deprived of the chance to continue to live in this world.

  2. To what power will you bow and allow authority to take a life? Once you give up authority on the decision of an individuals life, you have given up all authority.

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