The Dirty Truth

A Sunday Times lifestyle report today (6 June 2010) comments on the situation of household chore division in Singapore. Citing various family and marriage studies, the article highlights the benefits of a more equal division of labor at home, such as lower divorce rates and better sex lives. The current situation is still fairly bleak though. Local sociologist Paulin Straughan’s study in particular, shows that women still do about 4 times as much housework as men.

Why, despite the apparent benefits of a more equal division division of household chores and rising of gender equality, do women still bear the brunt of housework?

Pondering further, is it even desirable to achieve an equal division of housework in the first place? Is this a misconstrued aim?

What expectations do you personally have about housework division? Can you link your sentiments and thoughts to larger societal trends?


5 thoughts on “The Dirty Truth

  1. I feel in today’s society men and women have become more equal. This is in terms of work, social status and their say in this society.

  2. Women have always been associated with domestic chores and taking care of the household. Therfore, it is hard to shake off this association, therefore, housework is still thought of as a woman’s responsibility.

    Especially in the today’s context, where women are given equal opportunities to a education and jobs, it is not fair that women have to work and yet still worry about the bulk of the housework. Therefore, equal division of housework is desirable, as it would only be fair to women in the workforce. In addition, men should learn some life skills as well, and not always think of it as a woman’s job to upkeep the wellbeing of the house and family.

  3. From generations before, women are expected to be the gender taking care of the household. This mentality is deep rooted and even with the rise of gender equality, this thinking is instilled into the minds of the future generations.

    The males should share some of the workload so that they will not be dependent on women. This will also benefit women as they can focus more on their career.

  4. Women tend to bear most of the household chores due to a historical mindset of having the women being jobless and in-charge of househould chores while men are the ones who generate the family’s income by working, thus having less time for househould chores. This mindset is still ever-present now, as although more women are getting jobs, they are still thought to be mainly in-charge of household chores.

    It is desirable of a more equal division job as women are getting more tensed and burdened with jobs and taking care of children.

  5. In the past, women were identified as the more physically weak hence they were left at home to do less “strenuous” tasks. As time goes by, these became traditions and is embedded deep in the mindset of people. Even though gender equality is favored in present times, the mindset implemented throughout the ages will be difficult to change.

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