World Cup ain’t Olympics man…

Proof why Germany wasn't cheating? (Source:

I’m sure all of you are aware of the World Cup currently underway in South Africa. I’m also sure all of you are fully aware of all the controversy surrounding the beautiful game–more recently German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer’s goal line fiasco during Germany’s match against England. The incident, where Neuer quickly retrieved a ball after it had crossed the goal line and kicked it out, drew great criticism from all over against FIFA who has up till now resisted the incorporation of video replay technology to be taken into refereeing decisions. Well rather than talk about technology, what is more appalling perhaps is the ethical nature of the players themselves. Here’s a comment from thinker Peter Singer (full article here) on the matter:

Yes, we can deal with the problem to some extent by using modern technology or video replays to review controversial refereeing decisions. But, while that will reduce the opportunity for cheating, it won’t eliminate it, and it isn’t really the point. We should not make excuses for intentional cheating in sports. In one important way, it is much worse than cheating in one’s private life. When what you do will be seen by millions, revisited on endless video replays, and dissected on television sports programs, it is especially important to do what is right.

What is your reaction to the ethical standards of these players who openly cheat on the international stage? What do you think compels them to cheat? How does this affect the way we think about sports and society in general?


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