Odds are, the ball is round…

Sorry I’m not letting sports off the hook just yet. Here’s an interesting BBC feature report that sort of got me thinking: is gambling really such an endemic part of human nature? Every time there is a big sporting event, you can be sure a gambling market will quickly bubble under all the hype–big money speculation seems to follow spectacle wherever it goes.

Interestingly, the article reacts to the regular post world cup gambling raids by pointing out how one should

…not take them too seriously. It is not that individual policemen are necessarily corrupt, but it does mean that, overall, an elaborate game is being played out for everyone’s benefit.

Such raids almost seem ritualistic but it is hard to really deny that many parties do benefit. The policemen get a chance to ‘do something’ while punters and bookies still walk away with a little fine here or puny jail term there–a small price to pay for the millions that circulate from the betting.

Do you think gambling is built into our very DNA?
Why do you think humans love to gamble (and yet love to nobly claim that it is a vice as well)?
What is it about sports that lends it so easily to the gambling industry?


2 thoughts on “Odds are, the ball is round…

  1. Gambling is certainly not built within our very own DNA.People gambling for a reason:to have a chance to become rich, in search for thrill ,to while their time away…
    Humans don’t love to gamble.Instead, most of the time, it is due to the fact that they love money.
    humans are greedy.Often, after they win the first round of game, they want to win more and more…so they gamble.even if they lose, they are unwilling to give up…mostly because they feel they will not be so unlucky all the time…which makes them want to gamble even more.

  2. No, gambling is not built into our DNA. Humans love to gamble because it is fun, exciting and addictive even though the odds of winning are low. However, humans are hoping for that chance to get rich the “easy” way. Humans love to nobly claim that it is a vice as well because of the negative consequences of gambling. In cases where humans become so addicted to gambling and can no longer judge the gravity of their actions, it could result in serious social issues like strained family relationships and financial problems when one goes heavily in debt. Since gambling is so addictive, it would be very difficult to stop a hardcore gambler.
    For sports to make it into the gambling industry, it is mainly due to it being very exciting. No one can predict the outcome of a match because anything can happen in the match.

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