Image from TED.com

We live in a world that’s built on ideas. From the simplest of thoughts to the greatest of inspirations, ideas both create and reflect our world. Once challenge remains in this digital era: how do we get a sense of some of the great ideas out there conveniently without having to scour through tons of sources? Well, the people at TED, an organizations that holds conferences promoting idea sharing, have made some headway into that. Their site, which contains presentation clips (not long, often only 10mins or so) from their annual conferences, literally opens up a dynamic and inspiring world of ideas to us.

I have included a link to this site in the right column. I would encourage all of you to give this site a look for a few reasons:

1. Presentation: The speakers use a short amount of time to really engage their audience in a most succinct and riveting manner. How do they do it? Just watch.
2. Critical thinking: No one goes up there to just report facts or to describe or explain something known. They all go up to there with the crucial purpose of trying to justify their ideas. This will go some way in helping your quality of argumentation.
3. Creative thinking: ‘Upsize’ your knowledge of the world by getting a sense of how others dare to see and improve the world. Hopefully this will get you thinking about how you see your world and how you may some day, try to improve it too 🙂


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