Prose and Corns

If any of you are having difficulty looking for opposing arguments on certain issues, here are some websites that might be useful for your reference. Do keep in mind that while being aware of both sides to any issue is a good starting point, it is not good enough.  Try to evaluate the arguments and come to your own stand too!

1. Debatepedia
This site hones in on more specific issues like the Gaza blockade and BP oil spill etc.  Presentation is also very clear and they helpfully categorize the sub-topics surrounding the issue. Highly recommended.

Most issues discussed are based on the US context but the reasons are there and well presented. One can only wish that someday there might be a similar site for Singapore as well.

3. TakeOnIt
Another fairly useful site but relatively less comprehensive than the above two. Opinions are clearly listed by source (usually an expert or someone reputable of course).

Have fun!

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