UNresolved in Congo

Image source: The Daily Clarity

According to this New York Times article, seems like Congo is almost like an eerie microcosm of the entire poverty problem in Africa. What’s particularly chilling is the following assessment from the article:

What happened (mass rapes) in this remote, thatched-roof village on July 30 and continued for at least three more days has become a searing embarrassment for the United Nations mission in Congo. Despite more than 10 years of experience and billions of dollars, the peacekeeping force still seems to be failing at its most elemental task: protecting civilians.

Activist Eve Ensler blames the “poor management, bad communication and racism” for the lackluster and ineffective UN peacekeeping efforts. It seems not only is foreign aid an issue, but ensuring successful and beneficial foreign help is no easy task either.

Do you think this problem will continue to persist in Congo? Why?
If you were in charge of the UN peacekeeping force, how would you have done it differently?

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