Wee…key leaks?

The release of diplomatic cables from the WikiLeaks recently stirred up political tension all over. According to his CNA report, the defensive and indignant responses range ring from Latin America to Turkey and Russia.

This is no WWIII, but it does have certain implications we cannot ignore. Simon Jenkins from the Guardian writes that leaks have ‘altered the course of diplomatic reporting’ and serve as a caution to governments that they must be ‘robust’ and prepared to deal with any potential embarrassment arising from public knowledge of supposedly classified electronic correspondences.  While the world governments are scrambling to contain this, what does it leave for us to think about?

Is such ‘investigative journalism’ really always for some greater ethical good or in the community’s best interests? WikiLeaks certainly seems to think so. But have these cables really gone too far?

What about digital information and communication technology? Should it be blamed for its lack of security or heralded as the tool that aided these recent revelations?


3 thoughts on “Wee…key leaks?

  1. US being a democratic country who promotes this ideology and prevents the widespread of communism has to be ready to face such problems again. If a case such as Wikileaks happened, it might just happen again. In the end, Wikileaks is a good example of freedom of expression that each human has.

  2. Julian Assange was one of the nominations for TIME Person of The Year. Whatever happens, I am actually the supporter of Assange.

    Why? He presents a very good point to America — so called the democratic country. If you want to promote this ideology to the world, you need the positive or negative impacts. Certainly, WikiLeaks has done a great damage to America’s foreign relations.

    I feel this is a very good lesson for all of us. We need to be honest to every situation. America, eat that.

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