Worshipping English

According to this BBC report, the Dalit (formerly untouchable) community is building a temple in Banka village to worship the Goddess of the English language, a deity they believe will help them climb up the social and economic ladder.

We know English, arguably the reigning global lingua franca, has helped serve as a tool of mobility for many but is erecting and consecrating a temple and a goddess in the name of English really necessary? Well Chandra Bhan Prasad, a Dalit intellectual and activist, seems to think so. He claims:

“I cannot reach large masses of people. I do not have the infrastructure to provide English instruction to scores of people,” said Mr. Prasad. “If you say English is a goddess, worship it, then the message is much better.” (From this article)

What are your initial reactions to this news?

Why do you think they are doing this? (Consider context and culture)

English is the greatest solution to eradicating poverty. Do you agree?


One thought on “Worshipping English

  1. English is a language created by man and does not have any deity for people to worship.

    They nothing else to believe in and due to a lack of knowledge and thus act rashly

    No. policies to reduce income inequality are.

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