Globalisation Lecture 2: Rise of The East

The second globalization lecture on the ‘Rise of the East’ has been uploaded here.

This is mainly for 2T29 and 2T31 as their lecture was not complete. You can continue looking at slides 19 onwards and fill out your student handout accordingly.

Just a side note on note-taking:
I have observed many students frantically taking down notes during lectures (there is a minority who sit there and stare blankly into space–that’s another problem). Let me reiterate again that lecture is not dictation time.

Listen first instead of trying to manually ‘student-copy’ the slide details on your handout. Only note down the main points (i.e. details WORTH remembering or revisiting) and use all sorts of symbols and abbreviations as long as they make sense to you. Also, don’t get too caught up with points you missed. Just move on and check back later with a peer if necessary.  Lastly, it is imperative that you review your notes once done (i.e. making additions or analyzing, evaluating and consolidating information etc.)–memory is best formed with doing, not simply looking.

Here is a comprehensive list of useful tips if you need more advice.


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