War on drugs a failure?

Has the war on drugs met with failure? Is it time to legalize? Read the following link (http://ti.me/kzkwi2) and comment on whether you think legalization is the best way forward.


2 thoughts on “War on drugs a failure?

  1. Legalization is just like the appeasement of Hitler so he would not take more land. This only made him more daring and at the end of it it lead to the outbreak of World War Two. Similarly, legalizing drugs would only show the weakness of the authorities, that they cannot handle solving such an issue, or even show their lack of determination in fighting this problem. In the future, criminals might be more daring to defy authority, to bring more lethal crimes to dire straits that then, these crimes would also be legalized. Hence, I am against legalizing drugs as it would make crime fighting a lot harder in the future.

  2. Well apparently it is a big failure judging by the fact that there are still a lot of people who do drugs. On a personal note, I will never approve drug legalization. I feel that it is extremely detrimental to one’s body having seen the side effects of it from different cases. Legalization, I feel, will only bring allow more people to use it as an “excuse” to do drugs and this will damage our society.

    On the other hand, declaring “war on drugs” only brought about more instability to our society as it resulted in producers, traffickers and consumers to find other means of attaining what they want or need. The development of “black markets” goes to show that whether drugs are legalized or not, it does not matter to them as they have ways of going around the anti-drug policy.

    Perhaps the best solution by far is changing the direction of our law enforcement efforts. It should focus not on reducing drug markets per se but rather on reducing their harms to individuals, communities and national security. We may be admitting that we are actually “allowing” the situation to continue but if we can reduce the effects that it bring about, then we would have won the war against drugs.


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