Poop Burger?

Is this the solution to the global food crises?

According to this report from Digital Trends, Japanese scientists from Okayama Laboratory have found a way to create artificial meat from sewage containing human feces. To some, it feels like a novel idea in helping to solve global food shortage and reduce waste and emissions associated with livestock farming. To others, it is simply going too far–and the psychological barrier will be impossible to cross.

What is your take on this new innovation? (p.s. authenticity of report still in question at this time)

Has it gone too far, or are such products a necessary step to help solve our global food crisis? 


9 thoughts on “Poop Burger?

  1. AMG, that’s damn sick, but pretty awesome at the same time. Perhaps when the world really faces the tragedy of a severe food shortage, there wouldn’t be the mentality of “going too far”.

  2. True that. I guess it’s because now, majority of the people living in this world have such easy accessibility to food that such an idea wouldn’t even cross their mind, this is our mentality too, isn’t it? But this might not be so for those living in poverty because they are even able to live in faeces, which we are unable to do so because of how we have been living since we were born. So I guess that they might probably be more open to such ideas compared to us, because if it doesn’t cause any health risks and uhhh, doesn’t taste bad, I think it’s pretty cool actually, since it really tackles the problem of food shortage directly.

  3. I think that this innovation would be useful in time to come, although it might seem pretty gross to be consuming food which originates from human excrement. As the human population continue to grow, the problem regarding shortage of food will become more and more significant, especially in the developing countries. This is indeed a good way to tackle the problem, especially if the price of these food is able to be set at a reasonable price after the research is completed. I believe that it is a necessary step to help solve the global food crisis. To anyone who is constantly lacking food, and always experiencing hunger, they would not mind have to consume this kind of food as long as it has been proven as safe to consume. To them, it would most probably be the next best alternative, considering that their other choices would either be to starve or eat insects or any other food from the nature that is available to them.

  4. It is true that logically speaking, additional food source will be useful in the future as we do not have to kill many endangered species for our satisfactions. Furthermore, the poop burger is similar to recycling the excretion from our body to be consumed again which reduces the greenhouse gas produced like nowadays where methane is produced when we rear cows.
    However, it may be seen as an immoral thing by the society. Putting it simply, even though the shape and color may be different, it is still poop, a waste product. Some people will argue that having poop burger is not the first thing that they are eating and will still continue to eat the normal food we eat everyday. Hence, it may be necessary only during emergency times.

  5. First of all, research has shown that there is enough food with sufficient amount of calories available for every single person in this world if it is distributed fairly. Thus, the problem is not so much about there is no sufficient amount of food available, but rather on the efficiency of food industry and its distribution. Yes, it may not be wrong to consume excessive food when one can afford it, but it will be better if it can be shared to those who cannot really afford for it.
    Hence, this invention may not be necessary yet since technique of safe and effective farming is the one which should be improved. Moreover, people do not really depend on meat, but rather more in to staple food.

  6. This innovation might be helpful in alleviating the problem of food shortages in the future since it acts as a substitute for meat. However, i still feel much effort would be necessary for one to accept and consume this product.

    Nevertheless, since the primary reason causing the global food crisis is high food price,there is a need to address the root cause instead of using technology to create more food which can worsen the situation through heightening of food prices.

  7. I think that this innovation might help to reduce the global food shortage as it provides an alternative source of food for the poor, even though it may seem disgusting as people would be indirectly eating their waste. Also, some may not think too much about what they are eating as long as it is safe so that they are able to keep themselves fed to survive. Furthermore, if this poop burgers were kept at a low and affordable price, this would help in solving the global food crisis.
    However, if there are other methods such as improving existing technology to increase the yield or regulations that are enforced so that prices are kept low, these may be more acceptable to society instead.

  8. I think it’s a good idea (though I wouldnt want to eat it). The Poop Burger is just like the NEWater. Because there’s a shortage of food while the wastage is in excess, such inventions have come about. However, much more research on this is needed. The price of this poop burger has to be lowered way below the price of the real meats because at the current price or even at the same price level as the real meats, people in the more affluent countries wouldn’t want to choose the meat that is made of poop over the real meats that they’ve grown accustomed to eating. In the poorer countries where people starve to death, people would’nt even be able to afford the poop burger. I think lower price is the only incentive it could have over the real meats. Therefore, further research is required to lower the price of it.

  9. In my opinion, this is a great innovation done by Japanese scientists. Given the fact that over 8 millions of people die of hunger each year, there is an urgent need to solve this global food crisis. By extracting proteins from human excrement and making artificial meat can help relieve the global food shortage and help many children in third world countries who are suffering from diseases due to protein deficiency such as kwashiorkor. Although the effectiveness of this innovation is limited by the psychological barrier since it sounds really insane to eat something that is made out of poop, there is a high chance that people would still consume the artificial meat when faced with starvation, given that the price of the artificial meat is reasonable. Moreover, people have even succeeded in treating sewage to produce drinkable water, like NEWater, as part of the effort to solve water shortages and reduce wastes. So, why not give this a try as well? Similar to NEWater, just like mixing NEWater with normal water for consumption, we can mix the artificial meat with normal meat for consumption. This might possibly help to overcome the psychological barrier.

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