Legalization of Gay Marriage: Celebration or Concern?

Image from Newseum

New York lawmakers voted last Friday to legalize same-sex marriage,  making The Big Apple the largest American state where gay and lesbian couples will be able to wed, giving the US  gay-rights movement renewed  momentum and evoking both celebration and concern around the globe.

Get an overview of the US gay-marriage debate here from or here from the PEW Forum.

What are your own thoughts about this issue? What impacts could it have on similar issues in your country? 


8 thoughts on “Legalization of Gay Marriage: Celebration or Concern?

  1. I think that while it is true that the rights of “loving” someone of the same gender is not restricted now due to the legalization of gay marriages, it should be noted that hitherto people generally viewed same-sex marriage as a taboo.
    In our society, this event may lead the gay community to demand similar things to be done here, albeit less likely to happen as Singapore government still prohibits gay marriage. This may cause some opposing opinions from our society as Asians are generally more conservative than Western society.

  2. There is actually nothing wrong to be a gay or lesbian since it might be a biological effect that one is born with. However, the complexity of the issue is created when the gay marriage is legalized. This will influence tremendously the upbringing of those adopted kids since although they may live in a happy ‘family’, their parents may illustrate actions which are against the traditional cultures. Eventually, more kids might as well be interested in the same gender which might arise more unprecedented familial problems.

  3. I think that anyone is entitled to love anyone else, even if one loves someone else of the same gender as everyone has the freedom to do anything that one likes and others are in no position to judge whether it is right or wrong. However, since Singapore is a conservative society, this event would spark a huge debate as it will be very difficult for everyone and possibly even the government to accept the legalising of gay marriages as it is considered ”ímproper”.

  4. I think gay marriage should be allowed because not allowing it would be depriving gay couples of their rights to pursue the kind of lives they want to lead. They also want to marry someone they truly love and live the rest of the life with that person. They can’t help that ‘someone they love’ is of the same sex. It’s not something they can control.

    However, like in the case of Mark Pierpont, if their desire and will to go against their feelings for same sex is very strong for various reasons such as a strong devotion to religion, they would be able to control it and live the kind of lives they want to live.

    But not all the gay people are like Mark Pierpont. So gay marriage should be allowed for their sake.

    In Asian countries where the societies tend to be more conservative than the American society, allowing gay marriage would spark huge conflicts between different groups. Not to mention the different religious groups, many conservative people would voice their worries over the gay marriage. Many people, especially the youths, would lean towards thinking that they are gay without putting enough thoughts or proper guidance because allowing gay marriage would make it a norm to be gay.

  5. (As this is not a proper GP assemssment, I just like to “comment” and present “my” opinion regarding this issue)

    In modern days, the boundary between right and wrong is becoming more and more blurred. Or maybe we are extending its limit. What was once percieved as unacceptable action is now claimed to be “okay” or even desirable for the sake of human rights and freedom.

    The main issue here is love. Whether we can forcefully suppress the feelings of the gay couples and make them sacrifice their love by not allowing their marriage while we, the heterosexuals, marry.

    So what is love? It is surely a good feeling that makes you happy, makes you want to be with your lover all the time and even to have sexual relationship with him/her. Love, among various feelings, is the greatest factor that allows us to form a family with offsprings and a stable society.

    However, we cannot be lenient with all issues under the pretext of love. A person cannot marry his dog even though he feels great desire towards it and truely loves it because it is an animal. Father cannot love his daughter in erotic way because she is his daugther.

    While we have instant, concrete answers for both cases, how about gay marriage? Will the resoning above still apply to the question? “A guy cannot marry a guy because they are both guys”?

    Some people might argue that the above two examples are too extreme while gay couples are both human beings and they are not in the same family so therefore if they really love each other they should be able to marry and spend their lives together like others do.

    We have absolutely no rights to condem the gay people or to make fun of them as some are said to be having a genetic problem and some are having serious internal struggles which even lead to suicidal actions.

    However, this does not mean that we should allow the actions that are not normal as normal. Can we be sure that the extension of boundary would halt at gay marrige? Are we certain that marrying animals and siblings would never happen in the future after allowing gay marrige by the law?
    Well, personally, I do not think so.

    Furthermore, the positive results obtained by several research prove that the feeling towards the same sex can be cured with proper help. It is the spiteful eyes and nasty words that are hurting the gay people rather than the legalisation of their marriage.

    Therefore, I think we should spend more time and efforts to counsel the gay people and providing emotional and behavioural guidelines rather than creating a new form of marriage which contains possible outcomes of a child having two fathers and different kinds of species claiming their rights to marry.

  6. We are free to love who we want. Why must we be controlled on who we love? Gay marriage should be allowed because everyone has their own freedom to love who they want even if they are of the same gender. It cannot be helped if they have fallen in love with people of the same gender. Everyone is equal. We should not ban gay marriage just that most people think that it’s the ‘wrong’ thing to do.

  7. The replies here are all so serious. Issue worthy of celebration of course! It signifies the change that America has underwent and their gradual acceptance of the LGBT community, who has only suffered a lot of persecution over the years. So it’s great that they’re subjected to less discrimination now.Then again, I guess it’s also important to note that homosexuality is still unaccepted in most parts of the world, even in America, what one could consider to be one of the most liberal countries in the world, what with their conservatives and the really pious Americans and the hate groups (a.k.a Westboro Baptist Church). So I guess this whole issue about homosexuality still has a long way to go, but at least it’s making progress.

    When it comes to Singapore, what’s problematic is that the media tends to censor such issues since it’s slightly taboo, so it’s not easy to discern the thoughts and opinions of the masses. It would be assumed to be more conservative right, but there isn’t any repression of the homosexuals or anything, it’s not like the government has a staunch anti-LGBT stand or anything. I get the feeling that most people are accepting of the community.

    IMO, I think that Singapore may also face opposition as in the US due to our own brand of conservatives, but I think we should also be able to legalise it in the future. See the recent event, Pink Dot? Huge turn up for that one. So maybe the conservatism here may be overstated.

  8. I feel that the legalization of gay marriage in US is definitely a stepping stone especially for the gays in America or even other parts of the world. As previously, many of such gay teens or even adults has to suffer from constant negative comments where people make fun of them for merely liking someone of the same sex. However, I feel that despite it being a taboo in certain religion, I feel that we have no right to condemn them as such things are also out of their control. It is not like these people can choose who they would fall for. Hence, I feel that this legalization of gay marriage, in USA, which is one of the most dominant and well known countries in the world, would act as a stepping stone for all gay communities and give these people more strength to be more open with who they are as a person without being made fun of.

    In Singapore, I feel that due to our conservative nature, legalizing gay rights would definitely create a stir in our country. However, this has not stopped lesbians or gay couples from forming in our country. Furthermore, I feel that especially after this legalization of gay marriage in New York, there have been an increase in openness of such couples in Singapore. However, I’m sure many people have not come to terms with such couples as it largely goes against our conservative nature.

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