A balanced response…

A notable response from the ST Forums today:

President S R Nathan is right (‘Danger in bowing to populist pressure’; Tuesday): No responsible politician should be swayed by populist pressure. On the other hand, it is important for politicians not to be out of touch with the electorate, especially Singaporeans whose voices may be feeble and who are usually easily ignored. My hope is that no politician should be comfortable with what another generation of leaders has delivered, and become complacent about the need to listen to ordinary citizens. There is a place for empathetic discernment and wisdom to differentiate between unreasonable populist pressure by special interest groups and the genuine plea for help to cope better with life. -MR DANIEL KOH KAH SOON

A well-balanced response is not one that sits on a fence or blindly lists out pros and cons. A well-balanced response is in essence an argument that consider various (and often conflicting) sides to the issue and proceeds to make a well-reasoned conclusion from there. If I were to ask you to choose between an iPhone or a Blackberry for your next phone, it would make much more sense for you to consider the strengths and weaknesses of both phones first before making your decision on one that would perhaps better suits your needs and tastes. Rarely would someone simply choose the iPhone for instance based purely on the strengths on the iPhone alone.


2 thoughts on “A balanced response…

  1. “Rarely would someone simply choose the iPhone for instance based purely on the strengths on the iPhone alone.” I think it should be majority of people do so. They just follow the trend. Many don’t know enough of the competition to substantiate that they have made a reasonable choice.

  2. Politicians have to be in touch with the citizens even in times of stability as there are possible side effects. This is because the people in the country may be able to provide alternative points of view that the government may have neglected or overlook. At the same time, the government has to weigh the cost and benefit of implementing a policy that the citizens want. This will prevent the politicians from being swayed by populist pressure.

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