Week 3 Question Analysis Homework

Hello students

We’ve done quite a bit of questioning analysis this week and it’s time to put our learning into practice.

Choose one question from the mid-year paper (click here for question list) and do the following on a foolscap paper

1. First half of page one: A detailed question analysis using the mind map style employed in class. Every single word in the question must be closely analyzed and expanded upon like the example we did for question 1. Remember to identify the subject and action/attribute, branch out the various stands and note the context etc.

2. Second half of page one: Now create 3 alternatives of the question chosen by changing, omitting or adding one word for each one. Then, explain briefly how your approach would be different given the new question.

E.g. Original: “A good leader never makes compromises.” Do you agree?

E.g. Alternative: “A good leader always makes compromises.” Do you agree?
Change in approach: The absolute has changed and so I now need to assess whether a good leader should always compromise or at times remain resolute and non-compromising instead.  

3. Page two (flip side):

Write down
A. One thesis statement (with clear premise i.e. reason) 

B. 3 topic sentences (remember topic sentences must address thesis and contain an argument with the core reason) with some examples (point form, details and elaboration not needed)

Deadline: Monday (18/07/11) 


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