Gambling in Singapore

Well if you’re going to talk about the gambling problem in Singapore, at least have some statistics or trends to back up your complaints and arguments.

  1. A day after Marina Bay Sands (MBS) reported its strongest quarterly performance since its opening last year, Senior Minister of State (Information, Communications and the Arts and Environment and Water Resources) Grace Fu voiced her concern […] Writing on her Facebook page yesterday, Ms Fu said: “While I acknowledge the contribution of IRs to our economy, I am concern(ed) about the social effects.”
  2. More people are calling the Samaritans of Singapore (SOS), an organisation dedicated to suicide prevention, about loan sharks and gambling problems, even as suicide rates fell last year to their lowest levels in the past decade [… ] Last year, the SOS received 352 calls regarding difficulties involving loan sharks – up by 61.5 per cent from 2009. Some 196 calls – a 48.5-per-cent increase from 2009 – were about gambling problems.
  3. For the first time, the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) has given figures on foreigners who have applied for self-exclusion orders from casinos since November when the application process for this group was simplified […] As of June, 12,660 foreigners applied to ban themselves from the casinos compared with about 50 last November.
  4. (From July 2010) The number of cases seen by the National Council for Problem Gambling’s (NCPG) two appointed centres to treat problem gambling has been going up […] The National Addictions Management Service (NAMS), which offers clinical and counselling services, has seen 243 cases in the first half of 2010 – compared to the 290 cases for the whole of last year, and 176 cases for 2008.
  5. Some parliamentary speeches against the Integrated Resorts in 2005 (via Gerald Giam’s blog)
What are some of your views about the building of the integrated resorts in Singapore? Was it a risk worth taking, considering Singapore’s needs and circumstances? 

One thought on “Gambling in Singapore

  1. Hello Mr Foo!=)

    Well, I am extremely supportive to Singapore’s reason on buiding the IR.Despite the many criticism and negative comments posted to the government about the IR, the right choice in building it is reflected in our improving economy. From an economist POV, the increase in revenue due to the high influx of tourist is extremely beneficial to our society. The growing competiton in our neighbour countries like malaysia having RESORT WORLD genting (which has the identical name of Resort world sentosa) is meant to increase competition and gain a share of this huge tourism pie.Singapore having a small economy, small population, small land and little resources, we cannot be losing out anymore!(we have been disadvantaged form the start.)

    With respect to the social issues concern, the fact that the government has take the effort to get the NCPG association to introduce the self-exclusion order for individuals or their families to reduce and prevent the addictive gamblers from getting into trouble, I personally feel that it is really sufficient,plus they even had advertisments on this gambling problem on the TV. The government have been giving us instructions on this and that, now spoon feeding us with such preventive measures, i think our Singaporeans need to act on their own to control or help prevent tragedies that will happen due to gambling. We need to stop blaming the govenment for everything that has gone wrong and start reflecting on our own faults.

    As for the rising cases in NAMS, I believe all Sinagporeans are educated and informed enough to make their wise decisions, whether to camp outside the IR to gamble 24/7 or to just not step into the IR/ the casinos at all.I think this is all self dicipline and self- control. when one’s priorities are set in the right way, I believe gambling will definitely not be on the top of the priority list.Like the advertisement said, spare a thought for the family and friends around you, then the tragedies of gambling problem wrecking families will somewhat lessen.

    Thus, the decision of building the IR should not be regarded as a RISk or ratrher, it should be regarded as an economic development and country’s improvement.

    Thank you for your kind attention.^.^ wingsze

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