Singapore Spirit?

Watch the official NDP song 2011 theme song.

What significant themes can your draw out?  

What is the ‘Singapore Spirit’? Does the video capture that ‘spirit’? How? 

Now watch the ‘other national day song’. 

Compare it with the official national day song. What are the key differences? What kind of references do they make? Does the video capture the ‘Singapore Spirit’ as well? 


8 thoughts on “Singapore Spirit?

  1. Both aim to rally nationalistic sentiments in different ways. There are many references in the 2nd video to what has been happening recently in Singapore. Yes it does, in a more comical way.

  2. The first one focuses more on the ‘pragmatic’ issues Singapore is concerned with whilst the second captures more of the ‘comedic’ incidences. Yeah, i think the videos capture the ‘Singapore Spirit’ well- Singaporeans have both a serious and a fun side! 🙂 Happy National Day:D

  3. I personally like the first video better as it is easier to understand and shows the brighter side of our country and this would make us feel more patriotic. Furthermore the first one also serves as a reminder for us to remember where we came from and how we are able to rise and modernize to become a beautiful city which is where we are right now. While the second one seems like it is poking fun at our country and the events that happened in our country. It also pokes fun at the people in Singapore hence I prefer the first video.

  4. Both videos showcases our heritage. The first video is about multiracial society where people of differnet ethnic races live together harmoniously. While the second video further emphasises that though we live together hormoniously, there is a stereotype of the kind of work that each race does.

  5. Yes I think this song really appealed to us the true Singapore Spirit. It was emotion evoking and I felt a deep-seated sense of belonging as I watched the video. This was truly unqiuely singapore in the sense that all the issues and references raised up in the video were pertinent to Singapore. Singapore forever! <3333333

  6. The videos appealed much to my emotions. watching it made me feel that we really are unique and though we may not be able to properly identify what it is to be a singaporean, it is more than just a criteria and also the feeling that makes one a singaporean. The videos were clear protrayals of the singapore spirit and humor. Mr foo is the epitomy of a good singaporean and is the best teacher in the whole of cjc. he should produce the future propaganda videos for singapore.

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