National Day Weekend Tasks

A long holiday’s ahead of us…

Have loads of fun, most of you deserve a good break.  BUT, do not break the momentum for your GP revision.

I’ve reiterated in class that you need start honing in on broad themes to practice for your essay. Don’t just read and read. The best way remember is really to DO. There is really no shortcut to this.

Holiday Homework 1: Essay Revision 

Attempt at least 3 essay outlines (following the format stipulated here) on questions from three different themes that you’re focusing on (e.g. Science, Technology and Medicine; Arts and Culture; Singapore; Globalization and International Relations; Economics and Business; Politics and Government; Poverty; Media; Education; Prejudice and Discrimination; Crime and Punishment etc.)

You are free to choose a question from anywhere. A good place to start would be here (basically a list of essay questions from Cambridge and CJC Mid-year and Prelims from the last 5 years or so). You can also look at the past packages for questions (we always attach a question list).

Holiday Homework 2: Singapore

You guys seriously know TOO LITTLE about Singapore. Singapore questions are always the most poorly attempted ones and your AQ qualities really betray a very superficial understanding of the nation state’s traits and needs. There is often little contextualization in your arguments and the amount of support and detail hardly goes beyond the cursory ‘multiracial country’ or the occasional ‘Maria Hertogh riot’. EVERYBODY knows that–so what do you know?

Your job this holiday will be to collectively work on a SWOT analysis of Singapore (yes even the foreigners, sorry) by accessing this Google Spreadsheet. Each of you will contribute one item for each sector with substantiation i.e. just writing ‘multiracial society’ is not good enough–back it up with some observed trends, examples, details or statistics. Leave your name in brackets at the end of the point. E.g. ‘Singapore is X (Derek)’. You may not repeat points, but you can add on details to another person’s point if you so desire–just leave the name behind the example then.

Deadline for everything on this page: Thursday 11/08/11

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