When in Crisis, watch a video…

Here are some helpful videos to explain some of the recent financial crises (i.e. the credit crisis and the debt ceiling) in the US. While they obviously don’t tell the whole story, they give a basic idea on why these crises arose. Where do we turn to when both the free wheeling private market and the supposedly farsighted public congress can’t turn things around?

The Crisis of Credit 2008

The Debt Crisis 2011

What are the strongest underlying causes to such crises? Is the capitalist system? Human nature? Ineffective governments? Banks?


One thought on “When in Crisis, watch a video…

  1. In my opinion it goes beyond just ineffective governments or banks or loopholes. It is simply pure human greed. And it is a problem that can never be solved because no one is truly free from being greedy. Given that everyone loves hoarding more money so that they can spend on (just like me)(even though it is a generalisation of people), I think that the near is imminent 😦

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