Reinforcements Have Arrived…

Here are some really helpful links from both Mr. Marc Lim’s and Ms. De Souza’s blogs that pertain to the Cambridge 2010 essay questions.

  • “Consider the view that most work could and should be done from home.” An illuminating outline from Mr. Lim that really highlights the importance of topic sentences that not only contain arguments and contextual understanding, but also flow between each other.
  • An insightful post by Ms. De Souza on writing a good introduction (an aspect of essay writing I have not really talked about in much detail)
  • “To what extent has technology had a negative impact on the skill levels of people?” This post from Ms. De Souza talks about how you have to deal with the skeptical opinion that the impact has been negative (yes, even before you want to argue that it has been positive). This is simple politeness and question appreciation.
  • “The book has no place in modern society.” This post provides added points for handling the value term “no place”.

My deepest thanks to these colleagues.


One thought on “Reinforcements Have Arrived…

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