National Day Rally 2011

Photo from CNA

Hope you caught the National Day Rally 2011. If you didn’t you can access the text (in lovely point form!) and videos of the speech here. You can also review his speech last year here.

It is mandatory that you acquainted with the speeches. While they are not inherently analytic, they provide you a good overview of government policies and directions regarding a diverse range of issues pertaining to the city state. This knowledge will definitely equip you in handling application questions or essays based on ‘your society’.

If fact, your armchair complaints about the nation will be a lot more credible with you some basic knowledge of the government’s rationale and policies first before you utter that next criticism. This is in all in the spirit of making you a more mature and sensitive thinker when you leave the college; you will be the generation that brings coffees shop talk to next level, one where the full-bodied aroma and robust flavor will come more from your discussions that the humble cups of teh or kopi. OK I digress.

So do yourself a big favor before the A-levels. Look up the speeches, jot down important notes and respond to them (you can leave comments here if you want).  The following questions might help:

Did any part stand out for you? Why? 

Are PM Lee’s comments necessarily reflective of Singapore as you know it?

Are his proposed measures or policy modifications the best way to ensure our nation’s progress, both as a people and as a nation (in a global context)? 

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