Project Knowledge

Hello students

In a bid to desperately help all of you beef up your content knowledge in these final 2months, I’ve created two Google Docs to facilitate the process. The links to these documents will be available under the page ‘Project Knowledge’.

Here’s a brief overview of how all of you can and should contribute from here on.

1. Project Knowledge (you can access it here)

I’ve created a simple excel spreadsheet with columns for each topic area for you to insert in micro-content contributions (i.e. think Twitter and 140 characters) on an ongoing basis. By content I really mean content (i.e. events/trends/statistics/studies) and not arguments. It really only takes you 5-10mins to input interesting findings from your daily news reading.  Bookmark the site for easier reference in future as well.

I’m doing this so that we can all help each other build up ‘content knowledge’ for the various topics. It will be especially helpful when students focusing on a similar topics to study for the essays (e.g. technology, poverty) help each other out by adding in more information under the respective columns.

2. The Singapore SWOT analysis (you can access it here

I’ve converted it into a spreadsheet because word document formatting on Google Docs is terrible for large tables. Basically there are now two spreadsheet tabs, one for strength/opportunities and the other for weaknesses/threats. The entries have been very comprehensive so far (my deepest thanks) and I hope all of you will continue to add on. Just type in new entries under the appropriate columns. 

OK that’s it. Happy studying and I look forward to seeing your updates and contributions.


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