Term 4 Essay Outline Practice

Don’t expect presents. If we’re going to run this last lap, we run it together or not at all. I hope to see more effort and focus on your part in these remaining weeks. 

We’ll be focusing on doing essay outlines this week. I’m doing this because the outlines I received last term were quite dismal in both quality and effort, reflecting your less-than-serious approach and attitude towards essay preparation.

Why write proper essay outlines? They are arguably the most efficient and effective way for you to practice (and for me to check) your ability to understand and approach a question, and also apply and commit to memory useful examples. Because they are not entire essays, you are not encumbered by your language and expression, and you can channel your energy into attempting a range of questions to cover more ground for the ‘A’ levels.

This week you will do one outline in pairs (in the computer lab) but complete it on your own at home. 

1. For the exercise in pairs, please choose a question from the recent paper (download the list of questions and guide here) and fill out an essay outline template (download Essay Outline Practice 2011). You are to work on it in class and but complete it on your own. Given the lab environment, I expect some research to be done in hounding for appropriate examples. Once done, send the individual file (e.g. “Harry Q5.doc”) to derekfcw@hotmail.com

2. Optional: You can use the same document template but are free to choose another question from the Prelim list or from past year papers.

From now on, any essay outline exercise, whether self-initiated or given by me, should employ the template provided. This is to ensure you commit yourself to quality practice and learning. 

*In the meantime, continue to contribute to Project Knowledge as well


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