Mad about Mashable

If media is one of your thematic foci for essay revision, you must give Mashable a visit. Recently praised in the New York Times as a one man one blog start up that has really gained clout into today’s digital age, Mashable’s offerings and insights on the world of social media and digital culture has had a remarkable following amid bigger media players out there.

For Mr. Cashmore, the cause has been explaining how online social connections are fundamentally changing the way people communicate, a concept that prompted him to start Mashable at age 19. Bored by schoolwork, he skipped college and began writing about how people were using technology and the new world of social networking. Because he was fascinated by the way some sites were mashing together maps and data — in particular a combination of Google maps and data from the Chicago Police Department — he named his new blog Mashable.

Entries on the site include a wide spectrum of technological, business, political and social-cultural commentary that bring to light how the world of social media has become a mainstay in pretty much all aspects of social life itself.

Just doing a loose search on the site produced some notable entries that will certainly lend themselves well to any discussion on the role of new media in our world today. For example:

1. How the Web is Responding to the Horn of Africa Famine

2. How Governments are Using Social Media for Better of for Worse

3. The Modern Media Agency

4. Social Media Marketing by the Numbers


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