Poverty of Knowledge in Dealing with Poverty

Many of you want to attempt the ‘poverty’ question, and many of you attempted the question from the 2009 paper.

While the answers reflected skill and thought in addressing the question’s requirements, what was perhaps more shocking was the fact most of you wrote like we never covered the topic with you in the past 2 years. Vague references to ‘Africa’, lack of awareness of foreign aid efforts and haphazard generic and technical economics and geography textbook descriptions won’t get you anywhere.

Please, if you ever do another ‘poverty’ question again, get up to speed with the basic facts and trends regarding poverty an wider global development today. If not, your arguments will just look nice little ideas and will be unfortunately assessed as just that–nice little ideas. Please do not ignore the utter power of solid substantiation and contextual knowledge.

MUST READS for anyone who dares to claim to be focusing on poverty and global development:

The Poverty Lecture for a start?

Global Issues

UN Millennium Development Goals

Global Policy Forum

Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN 

One World Global Poverty Guide

Make Poverty History: What do We Want?

The Guardian’s Global Development Page

Know what to expect. You could perhaps do a simple mind map with ‘Poverty’ in the middle and just branch out on several issues pertaining to it (e.g. best solution? primary causes? links to food or water security?) with brief arguments and examples.


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