Skills Digest 24/10/11

Leeching on the kind efforts of my colleagues. You should look at Ms. De Souza’s helpful posts on

Also look at Mr. Marc Lim’s discussion on evaluation. The handles suggested are really useful in giving your arguments more evaluative depth.

Lastly on a more random note, here are some useful ways to consider artistic appeal. 

E.g. “Contemporary music has no artistic appeal.” Discuss.
Oxford English Dictionary: Artistic (adj.) having or revealing natural creative skill; aesthetically pleasing
  • Is it natural? Does it exhibit a form of natural or innate talent? (are they human? are they manufactured?)
  • Is it creative? Does it exhibit a certain level of creativity and originality? (especially in relation to each other and possibly other genres)
  • Is it skillful? Is there a commitment to technical and musical excellence and discipline?
  • Is it aesthetically pleasing? (perceived as beautiful, especially in form, and  as providing pleasure)
P.S. the soft copy of Compre Companion 2.0 is now available for download. 

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