‘Profit-making cannot be the sole concern of businesses today.’ Do you agree?

An interesting question in light of recent “Occupy” protests.

Attempts at this question need to consider the following:

  • Profit-making is not necessarily bad? Please refrain from demonizing it, regardless of the stand you’re adopting. Just like money, it is only the obsessive and destructive focus on it that is harmful.
  • Dealing with ‘cannot’: This verb indicates a strong suggestion that businesses need to change if they want to survive in today’s world, that they couldn’t focus solely on profit even if they wanted to.
  • Dealing with ‘sole’: Should profit-making be the businesses’ only concern? Need to consider the nature and expectations of businesses today and their relationships with each other (increasingly competitive), consumers (increasingly educated, ethical, aware), governments (mixed regulation, taxes, rebates), institutions and civil society organizations (very active, influential)  in today’s globalized context.
  • Ultimately, the question is whether the role and nature of modern day businesses really needs to tweaking to best ensure the both their success and the long term progress and prosperity of the world they operate in
  • Other concerns may include: environmental, social activism, charity, cultural awareness, research and development etc.

Please refer to this post for more help on this topic.

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