Some infographics from TIME

Been looking at some infographics from TIME lately.

Here are two that quite noteworthy.

1. Catch up on 200 years of transformation with this visual timeline that charts key moments that had a big hand in steering the course of global human development. Take a look at follow key developments in politics, economics, science and tech, culture and sports (easily followed with the color codes) to broaden your understanding of how we got to where we are today – and perhaps make informed guesses on where we’ll be going in future. This knowledge will surely be useful for you to set the context for any GP essay pertaining to issues surrounding those topics.

2. TIME’s 100 most influential people of 2012 are not visually arranged on an infographic that represents their influences on a timeline as well. Such lists remind us of how the individual – as opposed to the group – continues to exert such influence over development and world events. While we try to perfect our systems and processes, Man ultimately looks to specific men and women to inspire and move us along.

Who would you name in your own list of moments that changed the world or most influential people? 


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