In Two Minds about the Gardens…

I’m sure you’ve been privy to the hype surrounding the recent opening of the Gardens by The Bay with all its super trees, domes and exotic gardens.      In PM Lee’s words: 

“(We) could have used this for far more valuable commercial or residential developments, right in the middle of the new Singapore city. But our planners in URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority) believed that a large and beautiful park was an important element of our new downtown in Marina Bay South, just like Central Park in New York, or Hyde Park in London.

So what’s your take on this garden in the city? A majestic bloom or neocolonial bane for our modern city state? Here are the contrasting opinions about whole project for your consideration. Might be helpful for a simple AQ practice perhaps? Would do you agree with more? 

1. Joanne Lew’s essay “On Supertrees, neo-colonialism and globalisation”

2. A post that responds to Lew’s essay on the local blog Balderdash; essentially the blogger criticizes Lew’s view as needlessly critical


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