Children and Morality

I’ve come across several videos lately that try to get us to brutally reflect on our adult actions by invoking these scenarios with children instead. The common line of argument is: If we, as mature adults of supposedly higher morality, tell our children to take care of their health, to be nice and polite, to be confident etc. then why do we apply double standards on ourselves as adults? 

This first video shows us a scenario of road rage amongst kids.

This second one conducts a social experiment with a child asking for a smoke.

And lastly, here’s a sweet one of children ‘in love’.

So, what makes these public service announcements powerful? How can such reflection help you in thinking up moral or value arguments in your GP essays? 


One thought on “Children and Morality

  1. Hello Mr Derrick Foo! Sorry but I just want to leave a comment.
    The second video is an excellent video to surface how double standards are happening between children and adults, which kind of directly reflects on the moral values of the people these days. It is so powerful that I am quite surprised by the second and last video, trying to convey such a simple message that health authorities have trying to put across all these years. Thanks for sharing the videos! 🙂

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