Good science. Bad science.

Read the following letter from TEDx and directors to the TEDx community to encourage the organizing community to more thoroughly check up on the validity and reliability of speakers before booking them.

I guess some ideas are not too worth spreading. Scientific ideas and findings are worth communicating – but at the same time the fields themselves are susceptible to a host of individuals who may try to misuse and contort the language of science, sidestepping conventional rigor and analysis and depending on broad sensationalists interpretations to further their own ends.

Some red-flagged fields highlighted by the article include food science, ‘healing’ methods, neuroscience and fusions of science and spirituality. Also, it is notable how the letter actually points out how the attitude of such abusers is often more aggressive, overconfident, lacking humility or showing little respect for mainstream research and literature.

Bottom line? Don’t just evaluate ‘science and technology’ for its impacts, but also critically look at how it is handled by humans. 


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