Bloggers and Big Brother

An insightful piece by Bertha Henson from The Breakfast Network that mindfully captures the precarious negotiation between bloggers and the government in light of recent comments and rumors surrounding the haze and N95 masks. She observes:

So it could be that the G’s expectations of journalistic standards in the blogosphere are too high. A journalist’s job is to get answers, but the amateur can only raise questions. The next step is then how to raise questions or give feedback on what people are talking about, without being shot down? Go through Reach? Private channels? Hmm… But why? If there is nothing to hide, then correct misconceptions and reply. As robustly as you want. The blogosphere should be thick-skinned enough to take it and not look at tough responses as the G clamping down on dissent.

What is your take on the matter? Does the government expect too much from local bloggers – and in the process, stifle vibrant civil society and socio-political conversation? Or are bloggers simply being stubbornly contrarian and thus, deserving of more governmental monitoring and reprimand? 


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