Excerpt from a Timesonline article

London, UK – Two hymns had been sung and the sermon preached when the Rev Canon David Parrott lifted his right hand to begin the blessing of the smart phones.

The congregation at St Lawrence Jewry in the City of London raised their mobiles and iPods above their heads and Canon Parrott raised his voice to the heavens to address the Lord God of all Creation. “May our tongues be gentle, our e-mails be simple and our websites be accessible,” he said.

While it has been long understood that religion and science/tech are not necessarily opposed to one another, this church’s proclamation takes the relationship to a whole new level. Both religion and the mobile phones do have a common goal after all: connecting people.

How do you feel about this church’s unique embrace and endorsement of the latest mobile technology? What does it say about the dynamic nature of religion in society?