I. Spelling errors (part of word in red denote key areas of misspelling) 

Advertisements, Ambiguous, Argument, Compromises, Cooperate, Corporation, Definitely, Deterrence, Development, Embarrassed, Homogeneous, Modern, Occurrence, Portrayal, Separate, Unnecessary

II. Mass Nouns and Agreement
By default, use the singular verb e.g. Information/Media/Education/The government/Globalization is

III. Others (until I find better categories)

Agree to/with: In AQs, many of you like to “agree to” authors. It should be “agree with”.

Capitalization of Proper Nouns: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Apple, iPhone, English etc.

Its/It’s: It’s (it is) e.g. it’s alive! vs. its (possessive) e.g. its parents

Whereby: Many of you use whereby (‘by which’) when what you really want to use is simply ‘where’. If in doubt, just use ‘where’ please.


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