Documents mounted are intended to facilitate your own learning and practice. You are free to download and use them but please seek the approval or permission of the original document authors if you wish to adapt or use them for other purposes (or just email me at if you’re unsure). If the documents are school exam papers, do not distribute them.

I. General

1. GP A Level Syllabus 2013 (New)

II. Skills

1. Compre Companion 2.0

2. CJC Quill 2008 (Sample essays)

3. Essay Evaluation Help

4. Organized Essay Questions (Cambridge, CJC Mid Years, CJC Prelims)


2 thoughts on “Resources

  1. What is your view of the need for a change of syllabus in 2013. What has changed? What motivated the change? What should someone taking the 2013 paper be prepared for that are no longer applicable based on all the discussions and advices of the past syllabus?

    • I think previous discussions based on the past syllabus are still largely relevant because posts on this blog have never been focused on specific exam techniques but really more on broader thinking, reading and writing skills. Vocabulary for instance, is still largely relevant in Paper 2 because this is now handled primarily with the short answer questions rather than a dedicated vocabulary section. In other words, the focus is now mainly on understanding of text IN context rather than dictionary knowledge. AQ has more weight now – a good thing – because it tests higher order thinking.

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