Project Knowledge

Content knowledge in GP crucial. You may come armed with great and insightful arguments but they honestly don’t mean much unless you can substantiate them with relevant details and examples. 

This page contains the links of collaborative knowledge building Google spreadsheet sites. These documents are made accessible and editable to all (only with the links) so that together all of you can collectively build up enough useful content to benefit the wider learning community amid preparations for assignments or exams.

1. Project Knowledge (you can access it here)

I’ve created a simple excel spreadsheet with columns for each topic area for you to insert in micro-content contributions (i.e. think Twitter and 140 characters) on an ongoing basis. By content I really mean content (i.e. events/trends/statistics/studies) and not arguments. It really only takes you 5-10mins to input interesting findings from your daily news reading.  Bookmark the site for easier reference in future as well.

2. SWOT Analysis of Singapore

I’ve converted the word document on a spreadsheet instead as the formatting is much cleaner. You can now access it here. You should only ADD in pointers (either under Strength, Opportunity, Weakness or Threat). Please do not delete or edit anything else without my permission.   My deepest thanks to those who have contributed so far. Keep it up! 


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